Icons for legal help

Our group has been creating icons that courts, information sites, and any other legal help group can use for free, without attribution. We’ve specifically made these icons to represent legal things.

Please find the ‘thing’ to be represented, and then choose from the icons we provide for you to use.

Terms of Use: We grant you full license to use these icons on any materials. Just don’t sell them to others. You do not need to attribute them to us, but do not represent that you created them.

Issues Icons

Do you need to present legal problem, issue, and question areas? These icons give you a consistent way to do so.

Process Icons

Do you need to present specific tasks, things, and other elements of legal processes? These icons can help you.

legal-icons-navocado-task-badges-file-a-document legal-icons-navocado-task-badges-get-a-signature legal-icons-navocado-task-badges-fill-out-a-document icons_getfilesorder doc-icon-gray doc-icon-on-blue  icon-title-to-your-house                         

legal-icon-find-help legal-icon-find-help-simple legal-icons-navocado-task-badge-question-answering  legal-icon-find-help-super-simple icons_freelegalhelp  icons_abouyou

legal-icon-to-do-super-simple legal-icon-overview-super-simple legal-icon-overview legal-icons-navocado-task-badges-follow-a-checklist  legal-icons-navocado-task-badges-make-a-decision legal-icons-navocado-task-badges-orient-your-client   legal-icons-navocado-task-badges-background-info legal-icons-navocado-task-badge-send-reminder  legal-icons-navocado-task-badge-data-entry legal-icons-navocado-task-badge-review-information legal-icon-to-do-simple legal-icon-overview-simple louisiana-help-app-icon-clipboard

court-law-icon icons_clearyouritle 

legal-icon-answered-question legal-icon-unanswered-question   icons_aboutfamily icons_aboutinheritance  graduation-cap-law-icon law-book-law-icon    legal-icons-navocado-task-badge-data-entry

Task-based icon scheme



Standard Icons for Legal Takss


MargaretIcons for legal help